The Age of Transformation

Often the best things happen when we act as teams: Yet again, Chris Le Blanc has teamed up with Ibiza-based Djane Miss Luna to release the powerful new track "Age Of Transformation". It explores and musically paints the inner journey and transformation that one goes through when living on the magic island of Ibiza as well as the realities in a time of enduring structural change for societies, economies, technology and cultures. Blending elements of Organic House and Electronica with ethnic influences and voices, "Age Of Tranformation" is a transcendent and uplifting piece that's perfect for meditation and self-reflection. It will take the listener on a journey of self-discovery, inviting them to explore the mystical energy of Ibiza and tap into their inner wisdom. As Chris Le Blanc explains, "Age Of Transformation" is about the transformative power of Ibiza and the journey within. We wanted to create a track that compellingly captured the island's magic. "Working with Chris on this track was a great experience. We both have a deep connection to Ibiza and its spiritual side, and we wanted to create a song that reflected that", adds Miss Luna. "Age Of Transformation" is a tribute to the transformative power of the island and a call to all those who are seeking deeper meaning and connection in their lives." "Age of Transformation" is now available on all major streaming platforms! To all fans of Chris Le Blanc, Miss Luna and electronic music enthusiasts out there: Give it a listen. Start the journey!