Stories About You

Chico Blue used to play Blues, Punk and Rock in the late Eighties. He joined The Dub Invaders, Germanies legendary reggae band. The Dub Invaders played everywhere from Hultsfred up in Sweden down to Loreley in Germany, they toured with UB40 and are around now for almost 40 years. Chico made music for television, was part of he Bad Bone Brothers Project, together with Commander Zdanko from Freaky Fuckin Weirdoz and legendary bassplayer Raoul Walton. For about 15 years Chico Blue is living in Germany as well as in Spain. He works with Roberto Sol, and did some songs with spanish singer Ines Prados from Granada. (EP-title: „Los colores de tu alma“). Chico Blue´s songs are pop oriented and full of catchy melodies, his guitar playing is skillful and melodious at the same time.