Labyrinth of Life

Fall is upon us with all the beauty, color and vibrancy that only this magical season could offer. Thus it requires an appropriately enigmatic and charmingly thoughtful soundtrack. Chris Le Blanc and Roberto Sol try and fabulously succeed to hit that note. „Labyrinth of life“ is a reflection of their roots, with Depeche Mode-like soundscapes and synth quotes, a loungey and warm vocal, dreamy duduks and an a seemingly africanesque, modern beat. You’ll also find a perfect addition in the greek DJ Christos Fourkis’ remix that adds even more color to this already incredibly versatile release. Labyrinths often serve as metaphors for personal journeys into the self and back into the world. In a labyrinth, there is one path to the center, and that same path leads you out. You make the choice to enter the path and start a journey. The chorus of the song is like a prayer, like a strong desire to cope with everything and to master the puzzles and confusions of life. Walking a labyrinth takes us through numerous twists and turns that symbolize the ebb and flow of life.