Roberto Sol – an acclaimed artist not only in the global lounge and chillout scene – has now brought forth another masterpiece with his brand new album „Diversity“. The artists 3rd album is an overview about the different moods which his musical and personal world contains. From ballads to house-tracks, all made with the typical Roberto Sol sound. It was a great pleasure for Roberto to work with singer Alison Degbe (www.alisondegbe.com). Alison’s unique voice which is full of passion and emotion is featured on the tracks “No Need to Hurry” and “New Life”. Roberto also features the artist Nukwami, (www.nukwami.net), who sings french on „Chaman“, about his african roots and the poet Éclides Mancheno Alvarez, (vaciosdelarazon.blogspot.de) from Ecuador, on „ Mirar“, who leads us into his lyrical world of words. As on his previous albums, Roberto works on 3 tracks with the outstanding trumpet player Tilman Mueller ( www.themold.de), who is playing the trumpet as if he would tell a story.