David García

Balance and tranquility, is the search for David Garcia with his music, it focuses on finding relaxing and hypnotic vibes, and his audience connect with the melodies present in his music. From Armenia - Quindío, one of the most beautiful places in Colombia and based in Bogotá DC, in 2010 got his degree of Classical Guitar and Composition, and in the late 4 years has been cultivating a promising career as a music producer, which is known under the pseudonym "Cid Branko ", several of his productions, remixes and collaborations have climbed the top of the national radio. In mid-2014 decided to launch their first tracks on the vibe of Chillout and Ambient Music, giving way to show one of its most hidden, and sincere sides, his first series of tracks called "Días de ChillOut" is the appetizer for what is coming with his next releases, "my music is looking to relax, make those who hear me forget the bad feelings of reality and bring back the good ones, and be carried away by the melodies on guitar or whatever in the music get their attention, it's music to the present moment, to share some wine and enjoy good company.”, David Garcia is currently in his studio working on new tracks and new sounds for the end of 2014 and early 2015, show dates will be in the coffee region of Colombia later this year.

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