Sunyata Project

True to their motto “One World – One Future”, the artists of Sunyata Project break cultural barriers with their music. Ibizan lounge flair meets a fascinating mix of Asian and African sounds – at times sensual & relaxed, at times stimulating & vibrating, but always with positive vibes for deeply relaxing atmosphere. The original compositions by Sunyata Project touch all senses, which is why time and time again they make it onto the most important lounge compilations and labels (e.g. Café del Mar, Klassik-Lounge, High Music Taiwan, Ministry of Sounds, Nassau Beach Club Ibiza). The quality of the music speaks for itself, just like the concept of Sunyata Project: “One World – One Future” unites the life-assuring back-to-the-roots vibe of African music with the meditative mystique of Asia and the relaxing lifstyle-lounge sounds Ibiza is famous for around the world – and brings them to life on stage. Sunyata Project is best of World Lounge Music – Touching All Your Senses.