Nova Casa

Nova Casa is an electronic music producer from Leipzig, Germany. He is a multi faceted Artist, who combines different elements from „Downtempo“, „Chillhouse“, „Deep & Piano-House“ into his own style, called „Nightdrive-Music“. Making music is Nova Casa's way to express himself, even feels from the deepest bottom of his heart. His influences come from „Smooth-HipHop“ , „Lounge“, melancholic „Soul“ and classical „4/4 music“. He wants to join his feelings and thoughts through his music and share his greatest passion with people all over the world. As Nova Casa is equally influenced by genres as diverse as deep house, smooth hip-hop, melancholic soul, and classic piano house, beats per minute is not a constraint in the music making process of this Leipzig, Germany based producer. He'll craft a tune at any tempo that fits his heartfelt vibes. If the song titles "Morning Drops," "Jazz Reflections," and "Dreams" didn't give it away, his first EP release on Karmaloft Music is definitely of an ethereal quality. Deep, moody, and highly melodic, the three pieces drift along at a comfortable pace, easily imagined as the soundtracks to beautifully elaborate time-lapses. The warm pads, shimmering pianos, and brooding vocals definitely deliver for DJs looking to not only move, but touch their audiences.