Sri Madhukarji is Jnana Yogi, philosopher and spiritual teacher.

Enlightenment – or the search for it – was not really what was driving Madhukar all around the world in earlier years. Much more it was the desire for a great inner freedom. On his long path he finally found Yoga of Silence, probably the oldest and at the same time the most effective teaching of how to be happy. Since thousands of years there is a high form of Yoga called „Advaita“ Oneness. In worldwide more than 250 events per year the former TV journalist proves that inner silence as the source bestows lasting contentment, that enlightenment can be experienced. 

It is unique how Madhukar is transforming the sacred knowledge of ancient times to modern life. For people encountering him for the first time it often is a positive surprise to find in Madhukar a spiritual master with a modern lifestyle. In Yoga of Silence truth and joy of life are not mutually exclusive.

Born in Stuttgart in 1957, Madhukar began already in his youth to ask spiritual questions that remains unanswered even during his studies (philosophy and economics). They only grew more urgent after an experience of Oneness in the mountains of the Himalayas and a near-death experience. In 1985 he experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. Thereupon he ended his career, taught meditation and Hatha Yoga, become a student of the Dzogchen master Namkhai Norbu and continued looking for absolute truth.

This search ended in 1992 in India. There he met his Guru H.W.L. Poonja, the “Lion of Lucknow”, a master in the lineage of the famous sage Ramana Maharshi. Yoga of Silence with Madhukar is taking place since 1997 in 25 countries.