Waves' Memories is a song created by two friends who are united by their common passion for music although each one has a different music background. Francesco Falanga is a young guitarist born in Naples in 1993. Since he was a child he loved blues and rock music, inspired by great historical players. Growing up, he discoveres new kinds of music such as jazz, spanish and ethnical music. Nicola Vocciante, born in 1981, is a neapolitan dj/producer with a wide knowledge of music. He took part in many projects like the creation of soundtracks for long and short films. Moreover he is a member of "sea n' soul", a project of house music that have produced different tracks; some of these are in european and american charts. These two friends startes to cooperate in order to create pop music and soundtracks for films. In this occasion they discovered to have a similar musical taste and this connection between them generated a great harmony. Nicola listened to many of Francesco's tunes and decided to rearrange them in chill house style. Francesco was enthusiastic about the project and they recorded their first track "Waves' Memories". This is just the beginning for the creation of an album together that will be released in spring 2018. Hoping that it will help us share their passion for music through live concert.